The expression of a lifestyle.

No automobile arouses as much emotion as a roadster. This two-seater sports car with a light top expresses a very special lifestyle - it is an automobile with a distinctive character that conveys driving pleasure in its most intense form.

The BMW Roadster has an important place in the history of BMW automobiles. The BMW Museum presents selected exhibits at the central location in the low building.


BMW roadsters: compact, powerful, fascinating.

Roadsters are generally compact and powerful. Anyone driving an agile, fast open-top roadster through town or countryside in good weather has direct contact with the road and the environment - a fascinating driving experience epitomised by the appearance of the roadster. Typical characteristics are a wide and low-slung overall appearance, a large engine bonnet and a short tail.

BMW offers a large range of roadsters. They allow drivers to experience a sense of closeness to the wind, landscape and asphalt without having to forego the comforts of modern automobile construction because BMW roadsters offer the latest vehicle engineering.

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