Six matinees – one final. The challenge for the 9th BMW Welt Jazz Award began in January 2017, this year taking ‘Amazing Bass’ as its theme. Over the course of six Sunday matinee performances between January and March, the double cone of BMW Welt has reverberated to groovy rhythms played by some of the finest ensembles from home and abroad.

The finalists of the BMW Welt Jazz Award 2017 have now been confirmed. The prestigious panel of judges overseeing the BMW Welt Jazz Award have chosen Frenchman Renaud Garcia-Fons and German-born Eva Kruse to go head to head in the auditorium of BMW Welt on 6th May. The winning ensemble will collect prize money of 10,000 euros and a trophy specially crafted by BMW Design. The runner-up will also pick up the not inconsiderable sum of 5,000 euros.

The finalists.

Renaud Garcia-Fons: Revoir Paris

Half Spanish, half French by descent, Renaud Garcia-Fons is perhaps the greatest living virtuoso among jazz bassists. The instrument is normally limited to the role of throbbing rhythm setter, but in the hands of this 53-year-old, it is transformed into a lyrically songful polyphony of springy staccatos and riffs in its upper register such as are normally heard only from violins or guitars. For many years, Garcia-Fons has deployed this unique sound for his repertoire of Mediterranean jazz, influenced not only by the folk music of Italy, southern France and Spain but also by the traditions of North Africa and the Balkans. Together with the other members of his trio – accordionist David Ventucci and vibraphonist/percussionist Stephan Caracci – he returns to the urban roots of his Parisian birthplace with his Revoir Paris programme, which ranges from musette to hot jazz, from chansons in the style of Charles Trenet to folklore imaginaire, from Montmartre en courant to Rue du Dragon.

Eva Kruse: On the Mo

Bassists and drummers are the classic session artists of jazz. So it is all the more extraordinary when the career of a bassist is associated over such a long period with a single group – as in the case of Eva Kruse and the trio [em]. At the start of the new millennium, Eva Kruse, Michael Wollny and Eric Schaefer were seen as embodying the new generation of German jazz, not least in their capacity as winners of the first BMW Welt Jazz Award in 2009. After a brief absence from the scene occasioned by motherhood, Kruse reinvented her career, moving to Sweden where she played with star trombonist Nils Landgren and eventually striking out on her own. After the ECHO Jazz award-winning In Water, she will be performing her latest fascinating album On the Mo at BMW Welt. This work for jazz quintet features an unusual line-up of drums (Eric Schaefer), piano (Christian Jormin), saxophone (Uwe Steinmetz) and oboe (Tjadina Wake-Walker).

The closing concert and award ceremony will take place on 6th May (start time 7pm) in the BMW Welt auditorium.


6th May 2017 at 7pm
BMW Welt


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