Drummers have always been the driving force behind jazz. But since the early days they have developed from pure rhythm machines to become instrumentalists in their own right - and never before have there been so many drummers who are simultaneously composers and band leaders.

Six of these "Leading Drums" were presented in the BMW Welt Jazz Award, now in its fifth edition: six outstanding yet very different representatives of their discipline from all over the world performed in six Sunday matinees at the BMW Welt Double Cone.

The jury of experts has now selected the two finalists for the grand closing concert on April 20th in the Auditorium: look forward to an exciting final with Ari Hoenig Quartet and Samuel Rohrer – Daniel Erdmann w/Frank Möbius & Vincent Courtois in the unique setting of BMW Welt.

Six matinees, one finale - this was the program.

January 20th: Jim Black Trio feat. Elias Stemeseder & Chris Tordini

Black's complex, percussive yet laid-back drum style has defined the sound of ensembles covering a variety of genres from free jazz and new music to jazz rock and electronic music. Black performs at BMW Welt as part of a trio with bass player Chris Tordini and 20-year-old Austrian Elias Stemeseder at the piano.

January 27th: Dejan Terzic – MELANOIA

Nuremberg drummer Dejan Terzic presents his brand-new quartet "Melanoia" at the BMW Welt Jazz Award. With saxophonist Hayden Chisholm, guitarist Ronny Graupe and pianist Achim Kaufmann, Terzic takes up the theme of "dreams" in all its facets.

February 17th: Samuel Rohrer – Daniel Erdmann w/ Frank Möbus & Vincent Courtois

A native of Bern, Samuel Rohrer's finely-wrought and multifaceted style has made him one of the most sought-after European drummers. The quartet combines rock sounds, jazz feeling, popular music, free improvisation and classic composition to create its own cool synthesis of styles.

February 24th: Ari Hoenig Quartet

39-year-old Ari Hoenig from Philadelphia is regarded as one of the most melodic jazz drummers, almost using his instrument to create harmonies. At BMW Welt he presents his New York quartet with the highly regarded Gilad Hekselman on guitar, Tivon Pennicott on saxophone and Orlando le Fleming on bass.

March 10th: Alfred Vogel – Die glorreichen Sieben

Alfred Vogel is a drummer, percussionist, composer and director of his own label "Boomslang" - one of the most productive figures of the Austrian jazz scene. Vogel provides what is perhaps the most humorous performance of the BMW Welt Jazz Award: "Die glorreichen Sieben" ('The magnificent seven') offers a dynamic, intelligent and witty interpretation of famous Western melodies.

March 17th: Antonio Sanchez Migration

At the end of the nineties, Sanchez did much to refine the rhythms of Latin jazz in the bands of people like Danilo Perez, David Sànchez and Sebastian Schunke. And star guitarist Pat Metheny included Sanchez in his own bands, making him the winner of three Grammy awards as the pioneer of a new, breathtaking polyphonic and polyrhythmic drumming style based on outstanding technique.

The BMW Welt Jazz Award 2013 takes place on the Sundays listed from 11 am to 1.30 pm in the Double Cone at BMW Welt. Admission free, doors open from 10.30 am. Please note: capacity is limited and there is no guarantee of a seat. Each concert is also broadcast live on the monitors in the main BMW Welt building.

April 20th: Finale with award ceremony, 7 pm


January 20th to April 20th 2013
BMW Welt
11 am (finale: 7 pm)
1.30 pm
Matinees free
Finale: categories EUR 35.-, EUR 25.-, EUR 15.-
At BMW Welt and on
(from January 20th 2013)


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Basic information

20/01/2013 - 20/04/2013
BMW Welt
BMW Welt Jazz Award 2013


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