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The best services for premium events.

We not only offer the ideal venue for your event but also lay on everything you need to make sure the event runs smoothly. We appoint an experienced project manager to back you up right from the start with the planning for your BMW Welt event, bringing together all the services needed to stage it.


Our experience, your advantage.

Benefit from our home advantage: a project manager to support your event, ensuring that you have a competent and experienced partner by your side at all times, someone who is familiar with the premises and can meet your every requirement concerning the staging of your event.

In addition, the project manager will coordinate all the in-house personnel involved in the event and monitor the event right through to final invoicing.

That way, your event is sure to be a resounding success.


Individual services for smooth running.

Concentrate on your hosting duties and leave all the work to our experienced service personnel.

From the hostess service to manning the cloakrooms, our professional personnel will take care of your guests’ every need throughout the event.

Skilled technicians will individually plan the technical equipment needed for your event and ensure that everything runs smoothly. In an emergency our medical service will provide first aid, and for the protection of VIPs we can offer you the assistance of our trained security service. Our service partners’ personnel are highly familiar with the BMW Welt premises and will offer you a high standard of service.


Every event is different, as are the requirements relating to your event venue and set-up. Accordingly we have at our disposal a comprehensive pool of versatile furniture, ranging from conference tables, lecterns and boardroom-style furniture to mobile counters, mobile display pillars and coat rails.